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Georgia needs a law firm that is about ethics, truth, and people—not its corporate bottom line. The Leman Law Firm is who you can trust for professional, honest, and transparent legal assistance from start to finish.

We’ve been fighting for individuals in Northwest, GA, for the past 35 years. When you’re looking for client-focused legal care, that’s exactly what you’ll get from us.

Fighting for the Rights of Injured Workers

If you’ve been injured on the job, our law firm will fight like Hell for you.

Experienced Disability Law Attorneys

The Leman Law Firm will help you navigate the complexities of disability law so that you are properly compensated, we handle disability insurance policies, pension plans, and social security.

35+ Years of Practice Serving all of Georgia

Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorneys

We have three decades of personal injury experience to bring to your case. From the Tri-State Crematory cases or the adulterated L-Tryptophan outbreak in the 1990's, I will help you.

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Every new client at our law office receives a free consultation, where we’ll take the time to learn more about you, your case, and let you know how we can help. Call now to schedule yours.

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When you put your trust in The Leman Law Firm, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting assistance from knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys. Call today to get your free consultation.

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